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Warta Jemaat GPIA Immanuel, 11 April 2010

Date post:29-Mar-2016
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Untuk Kalangan Sendiri
  • Akian Rp 100.000AM Rp 50.000Ay Mie Rp 100.000Ayen Rp 500.000Bong Khuk Ngo Rp 100.000Connie Wahab Rp 50.000Ebed Hanna Rp 200.000EJPT Rp 500.000Hadianto B & Ny Rp 50.000Henki&Lucy Rp 500.000Jo Randy F Rp 500.000Jonathan E Rp 100.000Liong Mie Hiong Rp 50.000LLK Rp 200.000LSF Rp 200.000LSK Rp 20.000Nael Winata Rp 500.000Ng Hui Ken Rp 100.000NN Rp 100.000NN Rp 100.000NN Rp 150.000NN Rp 50.000NN Rp 50.000NNP Rp 100.000SM Rp 100.000Tjioe Kwie Nio Rp 100.000TSF Rp 10.000Tuti MS Rp 100.000VM Rp 200.000YLCH Rp 200.000YSI Rp 1.000.000------------------------------------------------Minggu ini Rp 6.080.000Minggu lalu Rp 3.870.000-----------------------------------------------Total Minggu ini Rp 9.950.000


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