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Gamification uses engagement strategies characteristic of games for purposes beyond entertainment.

Public GamificationImplementing Gamification in the Public SectorGamification World Congress 2016

Hola Madrid, mi llamo Joshua. Donde Singapur and I am very honoured to be here.


Vamos! Future of Work relatedHR Technology remote workerGamification content directorGovernment & Economics graduate

I work for a company in the HRTech Space that allow me to work and travel. I am also a part of Gamfed led by Grand Overlord Pete is our Chair. However, this presentation is based on a dissertation which I wrote in the LSE. 2

The Quest: Bringing together 2 worldsSeemingly Impossible Problem + Initially improbable Solution

And, its a Quest to bring together 2 worlds which I am a part of.- The world of the seemingly impossible to solve problems.- public sector; Big Problems tackled with extreme bureaucracy.

- The world of the initially improbable solution.- The world of Warcraft; Permanent Intrinsic Motivation, but also where I developed Political Consciousness as part of a guild.

To bring together these 2 worlds. I wrote what is essentially a spell book to defeat this boss. 3

Why do civil servants need gamification?Gamification is a design innovation

Out-game Boss

This boss, is a civil servant. He is one of the most change resistant people in the world. This is the mindset you have to change before a successful implementationThe focus of this entire presentation, is to walk you through that process. 4

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a design innovation. (not a technology innovation!)

So the first question he asks is a very generic.Tell me, what is gamification? My personal approach to explain this is that. Gamification is a design innovation, not a technological innovation. This will be the central argument of the entire presentation.5

The Gamification Perspective: Gamspiration1. INSPIRATION by Game Design (mechanics)ASPIRATION towards Game Outcomes(motivations)

Gamification to me is 2 things. Gamification is 3 X 2


Gamification; Optimal use of mechanics/motivation

Great frameworks: Werbachs Hierarchy and Chous Octalysis!

Gamification is simply mechanics and motivation.However, we need to realise these things arent only found in games. 7

For example

Mechanics: Foreshadowing the tools of government in a digitally enhanced societyMotivations: What if policy design accommodated intrinsic and extrinsic motivations?

Lets look at mechanics. Games inspire us by foreshadowing the tools of government.In the top left is a civil servant from the ministry of defense. He has on his uniform a system of visualising achievements aka badges.On the right is also a system of visualising achievements, but digitally enabled to be more sophisticated.

Lets look at motivationsImagine what happens if we understand the intrinsic motivations of public policies?Is economic competition always the most appropriate form of motivation? Can we really expect everyone to follow rational economic systems? What motivations were engaged by the policies promised?

What gamification proposes, is to given idea of the future and to fix the present. 8

No Limits! Software eats the world butGamification is redesigning the software!

When you see gamification in this way, it not only allows you to explain away misconceptions. It also allows you to apply gamification to everything else. You see that in this digital age where software is eating the world.Gamification design is going to eat the software and the existing systems of the world.


Can you be more specific for civil servants?

A gamification perspective guides existing public sector innovations

By using that perspective to integrate existing innovations10

The Gamification Process: 2 models

Habit Psychology (Eyal) + Data Science Technology (Wu) Gamification creates sustained behaviour via

So thats on a grand policy / future level (gamification in principle)Now lets have another perspective (gamification in practice) I am going to give a model for what is going on during the gamification processthat I created by combining the works of Nir Eyal and Michael Wu. 11

Data Driven Habit Creation


Civil services today wants to make use ofBehavioural Economics + Digital Immersion (AR/VR) + Big Data

Now think of the trends that the civil service are currently concerned about. Behavioural Economics + Digital Immersion + Big Data


These are some of the things that can be used

Positive + Social psychologyBehavioural + LnD/Health PsychologyDigital Reality ImmersionDescriptive AnalyticsPrescriptive and Predictive Analytics

All these, are some of the expertise that are used to create better behaviour cycles. 14

Stimulating behavioural change today;

separated, static, standardised

What we see today, is that policy design is separation - current expertise not used in tandem with each other.Static does not change over time or peopleStandardised is one size fits all. To optimise citizen engagement and behaviour in public policy we need to move away from this


The future: Gamified public policy design


To this, where game design thinking leverages psychological and technological expertise to optimise user experience across time and people.


OK, I am interested. But can we implement it?

The same way as the private sector


Can the public sector be innovative?To Summarise: best practices of the private sector can overcome the Unique and Exceptional public sector challenges.

So, the stereotype is the private sector is the funky, innovative one, not the public sector. But, to summarise the conclusions of my dissertation There are unique and exceptional challenges faced by the public sector.But they can all be overcome using the same best practices used in the private sector.


To Illustrate: Singapore, UK, India

Moving forward I am going to focus on the empirical findings. These are techniques from 3 projects which I was not a part of but observed 2nd hand


Add new content (EDRD)New Case Studies!Limit the timeline (SP)Innovation Generation phasePhase out gamified mechanicsSubsequently tone down competition

Takeaway 1: Design for the entire timeframe

EDRD platform allowed for new case studies to be added in response to real world events.Limit the experience, if you cant provide the tech, content for long term engagement like WOW, use gamification strategically.


Solve Companys Problems (EDRD)Non-digital / Digital (Hybrid)Solve Users Problems (IS)1st internal communication channel. Integrate new models (SP)Backend (CRM) + Frontend (marketing)

Takeaway 2: Adapt the design as necessary

Use Gamification to solve problems.- Digital non-digital problems. Platform IntegrationeMee platform traditionally a back end CRM platformTo use it for external, innovation generation/marketing, they custom created a front end app, SmartPune and integrated it.

Solve real problems There was a lack of a communications channel initially in the DWP.


Keep it simple (EDRD)Low cost, more speed = more projectsThere are exceptionsValidation from the private sector (IS)Commercial Agreements (IS) Takeaway 3: Stay lean

Stay lean.

This is the Playware Asia Studios approach and it represents the mindset in the Singaporean Serious Gaming community.Best I heard was a health app created for a hospital over 3 months, cost 4 thousand euro.

Implementing large scale projects are made only if Decision makers have seen it validated in the private sectorAble to negotiate a better deal initially to clear tight budgets.22

Create innovation Hubs (EDRD) On site use onlySegregate innovation enablers (IS)Closed Beta Concentrate time period (SP)Limited innovation phase

Takeaway 4: Intensify the innovation context.

Always try to intensify the innovation process. 23

Design innovation

Less Tech No Limits More Epic

Less Tech How in each of the takeaways, there is a case of working around the limits of technology and taking non-digital approaches to ensure optimum engagement. No limits As a design innovationEpic in the sense of think of the greatest possible public good. 24

A gamification-augmented government that enriches society with intrinsic motivation?

In Singapore, Ministries of Health + Transportation + Manpower

MOM SGFuture Public EngagementHPBs National Steps ChallengeLTA

So is it possible?In my country they have been25

Or Data Driven Citizen Obedience?

Seasame Credit The potentially largest gamified projects in China raises ideas.1984 The dictator Big Brother knows everything because of data scienceBrave New World Society is shaped for you to have a never ending state of psychological bliss.26

The Quest must continue


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